Freestyle Board for general blasting around

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Re: Freestyle Board for general blasting around

Post by BTB » Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:32 pm

I think people try to cover all bases with bigger boards when in reality they are more specialised.

FS are great for FS, they are quick and will take a big sail but any chop and they are not as quick as a freerace or even a FSW. Anything with rocker / vee will be more comfortable to sail if you are trying to keep it in the water over chop where as FS are a big flat planing shape that maximises lift per surface area.

With free race you have to factor in that they want powered up wind, so a 100l free race and a 6.5m sail would work in the same conditions as a 85l wave board and 5.3 sail. So for light winds the equivalent freerace is maybe a bit of a bigger board that take a bigger sail and then goes a lot faster. Sailing a freerace underpowered kind of defeats the purpose although they do sail faster than a FS/FSW/wave board.

FSW are all rounders - not great at anything but close to what most people are looking for. If you don't do FS moves then some sort of FSW is probably the right answer. Depends how many boards you want and what conditions / types of sailing you want to do.

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