New electric van

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Re: New electric van

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Lets hope its a bit like back in the day when we had proper petrol guzzlers and people offered to retrofit a gas tank so you could run both or either to save money. After all our diesel vans have all the drive train etc in place its just the motor and battery.
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Re: New electric van

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TwoFish wrote: Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:10 pm
Distinctly Average wrote: Wed Nov 18, 2020 3:40 pm a company near me has been commissioned by UPS to supply 10,000 EV vans for them. Companies like UpS budget to every penny and have stated that the savings in fuel and maintenance will save them over £4m a year.
I can see why that makes sense. Presumably a typical UPS day involves travel round a relatively small urban / suburban / industrial area, with literally hundreds of stops. That's about as unsuited to a modern diesel as could be, whereas it presumably suits EVs very well, especially with their vans then conveniently laid up at the depot overnight for recharging when electicity is at its cheapest. It's very different from a road trip to Cornwall / Tiree / west coast of Ireland or wherever.
This is the problem we are going to see for windy boarding vans. Most electric vans to be sold in Europe will be short range as that is what the market is currently demanding. Most builders, couriers and other trades tend to do short journeys. On average, less than 50 miles per day in cities, 80 in rural areas. So vans sold here are targeted at that. VW for instance are launching one of their vans in Europe shortly where it can have two different size battery packs, but in the UK only the short range pack will be sold while the larger 75KW battery version will only be available in other parts of Europe. The E-Vivaro and other versions from PSA will have a 205mile range version which should be good for our use, if, the infrastructure arrives to support it. I researched driving a short range Tesla model 3, which has a similar range, to Ireland where I often go and getting there is quite simple. There is even charging on some ferries now. However, it becomes more problematic in a lot of Ireland. To go to Dingle for instance I would need to get the ferry to Rosslare then drive to Cork charging there for about an hour. Fast charging is a bit limited in Dingle with only 14 points currently on the whole peninsula. However, if renting a gaff I could use a 13 amp socket for snail pace charging. Next year however, most of the supermarkets are having chargers installed courtesy of VW as the ID launch accelerates. Also, a few pubs now have free chargers to use while you get pissed.
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Re: New electric van

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Distinctly Average wrote: Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:21 pmAlso, a few pubs now have free chargers to use while you get pissed.
I will certainly welcome the advent of self-driving vans, electic or otherwise.
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Re: New electric van

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Interesting Thread which as a new member I read from start to finish.

I was getting frustrated by the comments about range anxiety, lack of charging points, battery deterioration over time and suspect reports claiming electric vehicles emit more carbon dioxide than diesel vehicles. I then realised the thread started Nov 2019 and it occurred to me what a long way the industry has come in 12 months and how peoples views have changed.

Since the summer three friends have bought Teslas and I am about to order a hybrid BMW; can’t afford a Tesla yet. All are delighted with the Teslas and the only issue is shit Tesla after sale service. I think they have been surprised by the take up and don’t have an adequate service network yet.

Worth keeping an eye on what the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) in Coventry is doing. They are a new customer of ours and in conversation they told us battery life will not be an issue very soon and the real challenge is reducing weight.

@Distinctly Average – I dream of a 120 miles bladder, and I hope you meant splash, WASH and dash in these Covid times!
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Re: New electric van

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WASH always comes into it though I am always appalled by how many men skip that part.

The biggest comment I hear these days regards cobalt. Yep, it is a bit crap but people seem to ignore the fact it is added to diesel and therefore burnt. At least in batteries it is 100% recyclable now. Cobalt is also on the way out as other technologies are arriving. I have been quite enjoying watching and learning about the technology over the last few years.

A chap I know has converted a Ferrari 308 and just an hour ago it has been shown on fully charged show. It is quite impressive. Bugger all use for windsurfing though.

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Re: New electric van

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If you want a windsurf vehicle thats electric then i think the Skoda Enyaq iV is the car to go for. Its basically a big car a bit like my diesel guzzling MPV, but labelled an SUV. Its got lots of space, good range and can even tow a trailer. I would get one if i could justify it (and if front passenger seat folds flat) but I just dont do enough miles in the big car for it to make any sense financially especially as existing bug car isnt old enough to justify selling (and wife hates skoda badge...).

As an update, now finished year 6 of owning our Renault Zoe. Done nearly 50k miles. No noticeable battery degradation. Still drives like its new, still fun to drive. Fuel, road tax and servicing savings now around £6k - actually more than that as have been driving into London recently due to covid and Congestion charge exemption is a bonus too. Love it.
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