Starting Again

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Starting Again

Post by Thrash50 »

Hi Everybody,
I'm new to the forum, just moved back to the CA Central Coast, and plan on getting back into ocean sports. I will be shopping used sailboard gear, and seeking advice on this forum. I did a little sailboarding about 20 yrs ago, and I think I'm ready to get back into sailboarding. I've already found two used boards for sale at $250 each, so the next step is to get a mast and sail rigging setup.
I don't plan on doing high performance sailing or surfing, but am looking to doing some longer time, and distance sailing, (10 to 20 miles on a day trip) comfortably.
Any advice would be appreciated, and I will have more info on the boards later.
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Re: Starting Again

Post by MauiBreeze »

Hi Thrash50,
Welcome to the forum. I am on a similar journey to you, I learnt to Windsurf on my honeymoon in Ibiza, 1985. Came home and bought a second hand Wayler and used it on the north Kent coast in England. ‘The North Sea is bloody cold’. Kids and other priorities got in the way so gave up after a couple of years.

Had some lessons in Turkey last summer and a couple of lessons on a lake here in the UK, since then been acquiring second hand components ready for the spring. Lots of very old stuff on eBay and other sites. More modern items seem to hold their value well. I ended up buying an eight year old boom for £100 and you can buy a new one for £190! Only bought one new bit so far, a Chinook Mast Extension and got given a new Pro Flex Mast Base for Christmas. I have bought a board with dagger board, its 2.9m long. Plenty of old 3m+ boards around but the wisdom on here suggests avoiding those.
Looking forward to the summer, assuming we are out of lockdown!
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Re: Starting Again

Post by BTB »

Hi welcome back.

As above there is loads of random old gear on various second hand sites. Over the last 20 years boards and rigs have got a lot more efficient at getting planning. Non planning / displacement type boards are only really marketed for beginners or course racers. Many modern boards are very wide in comparison to old school kit. It makes everything more stable and a wide learner board would do you well to get back into the sport and for cruising about. Have a look at the starboard start and go models. You can still buy course racing type longboards but they are very specialist items now - i doubt you will find one cheap but if you can then that would also do the job. As for regular intermediate boards - I would imagine not many are sold above 140l of volume and you would want 140l as a minimum if you are floating about in light wind.

There are also wind sups. That might suit you but the performance of an infatable will always be limited - worth looking into.
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